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Admission Requirements

For a student to be admitted in The Second Chance Christian Academy, Inc., he/she must meet the following requirements:

  • Must pass an entrance examinations
  • Must obtain an admission form from the school, to be completed and returned with two passport size photos to the office of the registrar
  • Must obtain the original copies of his/her transcript, report card and a letter of recommendation from previous school attended
  • Must have good conduct
  • Must present a medical report to the school from a renounced hospital or clinic stating his/her medical status
  • Must have a yearly average of at least 78%
Uniform And Dress Code

All students of the Second Chance Christian Academy, Inc. are to:

  • Girls: Navy blue dress with red sleeves (short), navy blue anklet and, black shoes.
  • Boys: Navy blue short trousers with collar shirt (ABC-5th Grade), black shoes and navy blue socks. Navy blue long trousers with collar shirt (6th Grade), black shoes and navy blue socks
  • Physical Education T-Shirt: will be purchased from the school only
  • NOTE: All students are mandated to purchase both their uniform and PE T-Shirt from the school

 Dress Code

  • All students of The Second Chance Christian Academy, Inc. are to be properly attired and cleaned at all times. Male students are to always keep their uniform trousers up to their waist, and not beneath, they are also encouraged not to wear large buckles on their trousers or wear any other clothes over their uniform.
  • Female students are also encouraged to do same by keeping themselves neatly dressed with no painted or polished lips or nails. Absolutely no student is allowed to wear dangling ear/finger rings, chains, necklaces or dark shades in or around the school campus.
  • Boys are requested to neatly lower their hair at all times. There is no use of fancy hair cuts on campus or during activities related to the school. Absolutely, no student is allowed to use bear.
  • Girls are to neatly braid their hair (at least 6 plaits) before coming to school. The use of any fancy hair style is prohibited. Moreover, the use of sleeve-less blouses or miniskirts is prohibited.